彩票是非常令人兴奋的,并为运营商提供了良好的利润。创建你自己的公司出售彩票与LottoCiti并通过出售他们的客户乐透,MegaMillions,eurojackpot,欧洲百万彩票和其他官方彩票来自世界各地的感谢在乐透1革命性的决定赚钱 - LottoCiti。

Official Lotteries

LottoCiti developed and offers a B2B platform for the lottery - high performance solution.

Scratch Cards

LottoCiti developed and offers built in online Scratch Cards technology.

Slot Machines

LottoCiti developed and offers online Slot Machines to its customers.

Casino Games

Among the games that LottoCiti developed and supplies are also games like Roulette, BlackJack, Baccarat

Multi Level CRM

LottoCiti developed unique CRM that allows to manage teems, performances, customers, leads, affiliates, lotteries, games, ... .

Multi Level Chat

LottoCiti developed and offers its own multi layer chat that is automatically opened for every manager and for every customer.

API - integrate your working site with LottoCiti API

Using our API, you can easily add new official lotteries to your exiting site.

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